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Cloud Solar

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Cloud Solar integrates our smart monitoring, control and communications hardware into an accessible charge controller; enabling access to ‘solar as a service’ for a wide range of organisations.

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Cloud Solar enables local solar providers to offer ‘solar as a service’, reducing financial barriers to electricity access for end users.

It is perfect for use in:

  • Solar Home Systems

  • Driving productive end uses

  • Nanogrid metering

Our product uses the latest IoT technology allowing solar providers to monitor and control their assets remotely. Our IoT charge controller and asset management platform enable energy providers to see system performance analytics and offer their customers flexible technology and payment solutions.

We work with solar providers as technology partners, integrating our software and hardware solutions within their solar PV packages.

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PWM version of the Cloud Solar charge controller

PWM version of the Cloud Solar charge controller



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Scaleable Management Tools

Whether you have 1 solar installation or 100,000, keep track of the performance and usage of all of them and control their electricity output from anywhere in the world. The Cloud Solar software also acts as a CRM for you to streamline your customer relationships and record sales so you can better manage your finances.

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Flexible Payment Options

Our system allows energy providers to create their own payment plans. The plans can be based on flat rates, pay per unit, time based tariffs, or a combination. The way providers charge their customers is 100% flexible.

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Off-grid Areas

We use GSM or LoRa to send data from regions with poor network connectivity to our servers. This means Cloud Solar allows control of solar technology just about anywhere.

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System Maintenance

System performance results can be sent to your HQ or field agents, by SMS, email or push notifications. This ensures that your repair and maintenance operations are responsive and effective.


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• 20A PWM charger

• 50V max PV input

• 12/24V battery and load output

• 1 x 5V USB output



• 10A MPPT charger

• 55V max PV input

• 12V battery and load output

• 2 x 5V USB outputs


Common to both:

• GSM or LoRa connection

• LED charge state indicators

• Built-in protection

• Open source hardware


 Price List

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We offer 3 payment plans, as shown in the table. The higher your initial purchase price for the Cloud Solar charge controller, the lower the price for the monthly license fee. You can buy the charge controller outright for US$ 60, and enjoy free cloud software usage.

We offer volume discounts of 5% for orders of over 300 units and 10% for orders of over 600 units.

Please note: Cloud Solar requires a SIM card for communication data transfer. Costs are dependent on your network provider - Connected Energy can support you to get the best deal in your location. If you do not wish to pay for data costs, please enquire about our LoRa offering, for which the start costs are higher, but ongoing data costs are low.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3





Monthly payment in first 24 months




Monthly payment after 24 months




All prices are in USD and exclude shipment cost & VAT
(Cloud Solar is VAT exempt in some countries)

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Why Cloud Solar?

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Solar power systems are a crucial element in achieving sustainable energy for all. However, in ensuring that solar is available to everyone, many customers need or prefer to be sold energy as a service rather than a product.

‘Solar as a service’ brings various benefits to the customers, such as efficient repair & maintenance and transfer of financial risk from user to provider. This model requires convenient pay-as-you-go financial arrangements and the ability for the end users to build trust with the energy providers. Enabling ‘solar as a service’ globally is a technical and financial challenge.

Cloud Solar offers a scalable and easy to use solution. Our hardware is as easy to install as any other charge controller and links directly with an interactive web application with a rich permissions framework.


"Energy has a fundamental role in mitigating climate change and improving economic opportunity, social welfare and human wellbeing."

Practical Action, PPEO 2017

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