They are Looking for Ventures

“They are looking for ventures, not businesses”

Referring to venture capitalists, this nugget of wisdom was given to me on a recent phone call to a contact within the energy access sector. This is alluding to the idea that venture capitalists are looking for companies with business models that allow for tremendous growth in a short period of time (ventures), rather than companies that offer potential profitability but at a more modest scale (businesses). This is crucial to the highly aggressive form of company financing that is the norm in Silicon Valley, for example, where normal businesses with ambitions of being worth 7 figures rather than 10 are sometimes referred to as ‘lifestyle businesses’.

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Vijay Bhopal

In beautiful Lisbon in early May, over 700 delegates come together from all corners of the globe to discuss and learn about collective progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 7, and to plan ahead. SDG7 is to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all; a heady goal which we only have 12 years left to reach. 

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