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Empowering your products; extending your reach

Empowering your products. Extending your reach.

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We work with local energy providers and programmes, providing 'last mile ICT' for accelerated energy access.

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Last Mile ICT

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‘Last-mile information and communication technologies (ICT)’ reduce barriers to delivering affordable renewable energy to those living off-grid. They allow local energy providers to increase quality of service, decrease operating costs, and provide new access options for end-users.

Connected Energy’s remote monitoring and control products collect data from biogas digesters and solar pv assets in real-time. Data is communicated using internet-of-things technology to our asset management platform, which tracks energy production and consumption. Our software automatically analyses data to provide insights and automated control functionality for our customers.

Our products enable energy providers to offer pay-as-you-go, keep in touch with their customers and to help them manage their business operations efficiently.


We work with local energy providers to develop appropriate, user-centred technologies.


Our Solutions


We use a simple but powerful two-stage approach within our products:

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1. Monitor and Deliver

Cutting edge sensing and data gathering technology collects system performance and usage data. Data is sent to the cloud using GSM, or in areas without internet or phone connectivity using a LoRa network.

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2. Analyse and React

Our asset management software uses Unsupervised Machine Learning to analyse the data collected, initiating active responses including communicating with users and switching systems on/off. Business operations can be conducted completely remotely.


Our products support delivery of Sustainable Development Goal 7 from the grassroots up.


Our Products

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A software and hardware package for monitoring and controlling solar home systems and nano-grids, enabling any solar provider to offer pay as you go.


A software and hardware package for monitoring and maintenance of biogas digesters, enabling both prediction and reaction to breakdowns.

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